You Grill, We Clean
BBQ Cleaning Services, Houston TX

Sir Sizzle BBQ Cleaning Co specializes in high quality barbecue cleaning services with a personal touch! We are highly skilled, and highly trained and our end-goal is to make your BBQ sparkle like new, while delivering unbeatable service.

Not only will we get rid of all traces of fat, char and grease from your BBQ, but we’ll also clean out all those awkward, difficult-to-reach areas of the BBQ that you normally wouldn’t think about or pay attention to! We only use the highest quality, eco-friendly products on your BBQ, so you can be sure that our cleaning services are of the highest possible standards. Plus, our green products are safe for kids and pets

Each and every removable part of your barbeque, including the heat plates, flavorizer, and grill racks, will be thoroughly cleaned in our premium process tanks. We will then degrease the barbeque’s dip pans, hood, control knobs, and wire catch pan so that they look sparkling and beautiful – as if you just bought it.

Why Choose Sir Sizzle?

Sir Sizzle BBQ Cleaning Co in Houston TX offers a number of excellent additional benefits, including the following excellent benefits:

  • Eat Cleaner, Healthier Food – Sir Sizzle’s BBQ cleaning process will have removed harmful carcinogens and toxins that get transferred from your dirty grill to your food.
  • Extend The Life Of Your BBQ – Our BBQ Grill cleaning service removes build up which can clog important parts of your grill and prevents future corrosion to keep your BBQ running better for longer.
  • Looks Amazing – We’ll polish your BBQ so bright that you are going to want to show it off at your next cookout. Your family and friends won’t know it ‘s the same old grill!
  • Environmentally Friendly –  All of the chemicals and materials we use to clean your BBQ are bio-degradable, eco-friendly, non-toxic, and odorless

*DISCLAIMER: Each grill cleans up differently. Depends on age, usage and manufacturer of grill. After inspecting the grill Customer and technician discuss expectations of finished product prior to starting to job.